Tom's Picks

The following businesses are ones that I have found over the years that are reliable, do good work, and are honest.  A winning combination, these days! 
Where there is more than one business, they are in alphabetical order.

  1. Appliances:  B & B Appliance 760.746.5555

  2. Appraisers:  Cindy Johnson 619.985.6194; Adam Jones 760.216.9510; Tony Spires 760.807.8512

  3. Asphalt:  George Weir Asphalt 760.746.0232

  4. Carpet/Tile:  Empire Flooring-- Mike Lucas 858.487.3759

  5. Chimney Sweep:  Chim Chiminey Sweep 760.741.9139; Pott Belly Shoppe 760.789.4567

  6. Drywall:  Pat O’Neil 760.749.0775

  7. Electrician:  Francis Sabato 760.801.3052

  8. Engineer:  Martin Owen (soil) 619.813.8462; Masson Associates (survey) 760.741.3570;  Mike McCarley (septic) 760.644.6652

  9. Finish Carpenter:  Bob Nickel 760.736.4541

  10. Foundation Repair:  Larry Teves 619.295.1230

  11. General Contractor:  Preferred Remodelers—Jim Ward 760.741.1902

  12. Hauling:  Ace Hauling 800.720.4285, Salvation Army 760.746.8321

  13. Heat & Air Conditioning:  Moore Co, Inc., 760.722.1541

  14. Home Inspection:  Steve Chubbic 760.497.8777; Lorrie Tustison 760.518.3599

  15. Insurance:  Allstate--Peter Solman 760.758.5906; Barney and Barney-- Peter Holmes 858.587.7592;  Farmers Insurance—Randy or Chelsie 619.222.6500

  16. Mortgage: Karen Buelterman (B of A) direct 619.321.0701; Paul Donovan cell 760.989.0444

  17. Moving Company:Eckert's Moving and Storage 760.744.3636

  18. Painting: Check with Tom

  19. Pest Control:  Antimite 760.745.7612; Western 760.741.3186

  20. Plumber:  Larry Tustison 760.749.9049

  21. Property Exchange:  Exchange Resources 619.528.1031

  22. Property Management:  check with Tom 760.519.6061

  23. Rain Gutters:  A-1 Rain Gutter 760.743.1665 ask for Marc Richardson

  24. Resident Screeners:  Melisa Vannalom 760.741.9139

  25. Roofing:  Stan Knudsen 760.747.1864

  26. Security System:  Knight Security 760.745.3604

  27. Utilities:  SDG&E 800.411.7343, SBC phone 800.310.2355, Cox cable

  28. Wells:  Stehly Brothers 760.742.3668

  29. Window Cleaning:  Clear Choice 760.707.9568 ask for Matt Beebe

  30. Window Treatments:  The Drapery Shop—Lewis 760.727.1617

  31. Favorite eating establishments:

    As I travel through the county I have some favorites, most are small, but they all have one thing in common—Great Food!

    A step above casual dining

  32. Brigantine Seafood and Steak:throughout the county 760.743.4718.  Love their prime rib, sea food, and original torched heated throughout crème brulee

  33. Casual Dining

  34. Café Rosarita : 1816 Oceanside Blvd., Oceanside 760.722.6224 Scotty’s special is my pick.

  35. Chick Fil A:Here and there throughout the county.  I like their idea of being closed on Sundays, so their employees can go to church.  Great place to support.

  36. In N Out:800.786.1000  Call for locations.  I love the double/double animal style and if I am feeling skinny I order a shake.

  37. Lourdes Mexican Food:651 N Escondido Blvd., Escondido 760.746.1141  Great chicken soup, has cilantro, avocado slices, and lots of chicken.  Get a half-bowl and leave room for dessert.

  38. Primo Market:606 Morse St., Oceanside When the weather gets warm for Oceanside and it is a weekend their smoker starts smoking some great ribs.  Can’t wait for summer weekends, pick it up and eat at the beach.

  39. Golden Spoon:frozen yogurt—Mmmmm Mmmmm All over the county, tastes great and a little pick me up that is low or fat free.

  40. Fun Things to do

  41. Beach:Any location will do…love to go and take a picnic, watch the sunset, swim, build sand castles…you get the idea…Relax

  42. Wild Animal Park:Escondido –We have been members for 20+ years.  Enjoyable place to walk and enjoy the animals, the plant collections and an occasional ice cream cone. San Diego Zoo  Fun for all ages!

  43. Coronado Island:Enjoy taking our bikes and cruzing on the almost flat island.  We also enjoy the Hotel Del…